Raijin features in many video games and Japanese cartoons. Modern Influence. In der japanischen Kunst werden die beiden Kami meistens zusammen dargestellt. Sus ojos son marrones y tiene perilla. Se diferencia de su hermano por no contar éste con perilla… 1 Apariencia 2 Personalidad 3 Primera Parte 3.1 La Venganza de Mizuki 4 Curiosidades Fujin tiene el pelo largo, recogido en una coleta y de color negro. The cultural influence has also had a notable effect in the West, with video games, films and other media depicting characters that are clearly inspired by Raijin. Raijin und Fujin werden immer zusammen dargestellt. Jahrhunderts dargestellt. Raijin is potentially related to Leigong, a Chinese god of thunder, and his various forms; as well as to Parjanya, a Hindu god of rain, thunder, and lightning. 1 Apariencia 2 Personalidad 3 Primera Parte 3.1 La venganza de Mizuki 4 Curiosidades Raijin tiene el pelo de color negro, en una coleta larga. Raijin und Fujin / Bild: 俵屋宗達 , Wikimedia. Ultimately the invasion was repelled and Japan protected. When the Mongols attempted to invade Japan in 1274, a storm destroyed much of their fleet, a feat attributed to the twin gods as an act of defending Japan. Fujin (風神, Fujin) y su hermano Raijin son conocidos como los Legendarios Hermanos Estúpidos. Raijin also fulfills a similar role and temperament to El (also called YHWH), a Semitic storm deity worshiped by the Hebrews. Raijin and Fujin are also protectors of temples and other holy places, which is why their statues often are placed at the gates to such buildings. Im Sanjusangendo-Tempel in Kyoto zum Beispiel sind Fujin und Raijin als lebensgroße Figuren aus der Kamakura-Epoche Mitte des 13. These are often seen as destructive actions, but at times can be good. Fujin and Raijin appear together frequently, with Fujin using his bag of air to create wind. Beide Figuren gelten als Nationalschätze. Va vestido… Raijin (雷神, Raijin) y su hermano Fujin son conocidos como los Legendarios Hermanos Estúpidos. Raijin and Fujin are always depicted together, thus making the two deities deeply connected.
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