Your Supplier! The packing list is like a guide to the Clearing and Forwarding agent, prepared by your supplier. Packing lists provide a wealth of information to a variety of people. Product packaging is designed in various colors, shapes and sizes and store everything from foods and beverages to cosmetics and medicines. This post was originally published in June 2002 and has been updated to … While it is the responsibility of the supplier to provide correct information/details on the parking list Customs officials at the port of entry and port of exit may use the packing list to check the cargo. Sometimes it also details the dimension and weight of each container. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It is ok to start with the rough paper and then transfers the details on the template. It is always recommended to have a physical document with information regarding the transaction in case of any mishap. One of such is as mentioned above, and in fact, to the point of not getting paid for items exported. A packing list is a document that contains details of products in a shipment. It also allows the customer and others involved in the transaction to check what has been shipped against the proforma invoice. It is used to create a booking with the international carrier and subsequently the issuance of the international bill of lading. On the other hand, an invoice is a commercial document, listing the goods or services provided by a seller to a buyer and laying out the cost of each item, invoice number , order date , as you would see in a bill. The Packing List should have only the information or the number of the items that are inside the box. Amidst all of those shipments, it can be difficult to keep a keen eye out for every single details about all individual products loaded into a container. You can leave your business in our hands, be it Importation, Exportation, Freight Forwarding, Clearing/Customs Duty Brokerage, Groupage Freight, Warehousing, Consolidation, Air Freight Consolidation, Shipping Globally, Door to Door Freight Shipping, etc. We provide adequate logistics and clearing services for our numerous clients. No doubt. Your Supplier! If there are so many boxes and each pack has to contain different items, then identifying the required box and opening it correctly will only be possible if the packing list is found on the container. Because product packaging is an important element in boosting the company’s sales. They provide important information to company officials, employees, and customers. Shipper and consignee name, address, contact details, Invoice details, e.g. It is also an excellent tool to be used for baggage during personal travel. The event of an incomplete packing list can cause serious havoc to your business. unique number, date, contract number, method of dispatch, type of shipment, port of loading, the port of discharge & Incoterm, Measurements and total Net Weight and Gross Weight of cargo, A detailed list of how goods are packaged and the number of packages (description), Any relevant shipping marks or seal numbers used, Authorized Signatory company, authorized signatory, signature & stamp, Any other important information or special instructions related to the loading and packaging contained in the shipment, Start your week on a positive note. Who is responsible for the preparation of the packing list, Difference between an Invoice and the Packing List, What happens when Export Packing Lists are not Complete. Request a Quote HERE. It doesn't get much respect, and it is begrudgingly issued with the details necessary to make it a useful document to the exporter, the importer, the freight forwarder, and the customs broker. Think Mini-Importation, GOOD NEWS! Have you ever seen, heard or encountered delayed delivery of goods to the desired destination? It is a necessary safeguard against shipping incorrect cargo internationally. Most products have some form of packaging. Good luck! It is the guide to the adventure and when used correctly can make the whole process efficient and easy. in Textile Engineering (CU) Specialized in Apparel Manufacturing Merchandiser A.M.C.S Textile Ltd (AEPZ) Email: Packing List: Garments packing list are one of the most important issues for the export of our garment product where as packing list can represent the different vital issue like… The packing list is like a guide to the Clearing and Forwarding agent, prepared by your supplier. July 17, 2016Andrew Johnson + Save to a List. 6 Most Suitable Sea Shipping type for you. Do you like this Post? It's not possible to overstate the importance of actually creating a personal packing list, and using it regularly. 9 thoughts on “The importance of having a Last Minute Packing List” Tricia. The export packing list is like a baseball's utility player; it’s a jack of all trades. Style of packing We have an assortment of packaging options to choose from, including a selection of bags for candy and snack foods. [Updated] Simple Way How to Calculate Customs Duty Charge. A product’s packaging communicates many things, from what the product can do for your customers to your company’s values. I was just saying to the hubby last night I wish I had a last minute packing list. What is Packing List in Import Export shipment? Packing List. I pretty much write everything down. This will help them understand the type of shipment is been shipped. Commercial Invoice and Packing List are necessary for export of goods to file shipping bill and other necessary documents. No one can underestimate the significance of packing list because it helps us in many ways. You can also send an email to A seller-prepared commercial document indicating the net and gross weights, dimensions and contents of all shipping pieces (boxes, crates, bundles, etc.) List of items you can export from Nigeria and make your cool money. And to ensure, that your products are safe in their journey, packaging of the goods play a vital role. The packing list is an important document to you, your customer, your freight forwarder, and customs. Sometimes referred to as a waybill, packing list, or shipping list, a packing slip itemizes product details so that the receiver can make sure the items in the shipment match what they ordered. When you are creating the shipping packing list make sure to add some important details. Before your bill of lading and the required documentation for customs clearance is prepared, your clearing and forwarding agent would require your packing list is readily available. It may be used in support of reimbursement under a letter of credit. Packing List (also known as a bill of parcel, unpacking note, packaging slip, (delivery) docket, delivery list, manifest or customer receipt, shipping list) is a document which details the contents, and often dimensions and weight, of each package or container. Our team of highly motivated and experienced professionals can provide quality cargo handling, freight forwarding and clearing services in Nigeria. But while the packing list carries the description of physical products transported, the invoice itself covers the financial transaction of the sold goods. © 2020 Bowa-Gate Global.  All rights reserved. Optimized packaging is what many supply chain professionals are overlooking, and it is a critical error. You’ll definitely like our service as we have an irresistible advantage, with you in mind. The importer's customs broker will use it to enter the goods into their country as it contains required detail. Useful information included in the packing list. They keep documents of transactions as the physical goods move from one person to another, either a physical product or financial transaction of the goods. The importance of packaging design as a vehicle for. Power Adapter. EVERYTHING YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT A SHIPPING MANIFEST DOCUMENT, How to Process and Obtain Form M in Nigeria, Understanding the Importance of an HS Code, Do you Wish to Start Small? Importance of Having Accurate Packing Lists Working at a business that is trading goods internationally means you’re dealing with tons of shipments. Your Supplier! In the event of loss or damage to the goods while en-route, it becomes a document that will be used to support an insurance claim. A packing list accompanies an international shipment and is used to inform transportation companies about what they are moving. How to Recover your package when seized by Customs. A packing list helps ensure all components of a shipment are included. Who is responsible for the preparation of the packing list. The packing list is often seen as an afterthought, a triviality, and a nuisance.

importance of packing list

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