I have 12 feeders including four hummingbird feeders. Keep the ground clean. 13. Take strong steps to discourage feral cats and always keep pet cats indoors so they cannot stalk hummingbirds. When we had our problem with rats I did not see rats in the feeders. Rat Proof Bird Feeders. Keep rats from reaching your bird feeders by installing baffles as a good measure to employ for rodent control of rats. They say that the feeders are attracting rats into their yard and the birds are pooping all over their patio. Let’s look at methods you can use to cut down the probability of mice and rats making your bird feeders their personal kitchen. With multiple feeders available, even the most aggressive hummingbirds may give up and just share with others. If you live in an area that has a high risk of a rodent infestation, or if you’ve noticed signs of mice or rats, one of the simplest ways to practice rodent pest control is get rid of the bird feeder in your yard.This is not because rats and mice are particularly attracted to the seeds in your bird feeder (although they can scale vertical walls and jump up to 12 inches.) But, they can climb poles of any kind, metal, wood, or plastic, just like the squirrels! How Can I Prevent Mold Growth in Hummingbird Feeders? “How do you keep homemade hummingbird sugar water from getting moldy?” writes Della Lansdell of Prattville, Alabama. 6. Learn how to attract hummingbirds to your balcony or patio. How to Keep Rats Away From Bird Feeders 1. Mice and rats most often will be initially attracted to the area by coming across spilt seeds underneath your feeder. Place baffles above and below hummingbird feeders, and position feeders so they are far away from areas where predators could be concealed. Rat-proofing feeders work. Birds can be picky eaters.

do hummingbird feeders attract rats

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